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Do you have an upcoming paving project, like a new driveway? Here are some of the common mistakes you want to avoid! This advice from our professional paving contractors could save you time, money, and stress!

Choosing the Wrong Paving Contractors

The wrong paving contractors may make promises they can’t keep, use improper materials, and not meet deadlines. Take the time to do your research and choose a team that will deliver top-quality paving services and exceptional customer service.

Making Your Driveway Too Small

You may think you just need a small, simple driveway, but you should plan your new driveway with the future in mind. In a few years, you could have another vehicle, a tenant, or host regular dinner parties. Who knows?

Not Using the Right Asphalt

The two most popular types of asphalt are usually HL3 or HL3A, which are both durable and high in stability. The type of asphalt that is right for you will depend on your property, the weather in your area, and a few other factors. Make sure you ask for expert advice when making this important decision.

Driving on Your New Driveway Straight Away 

Your paving contractors will tell you the curing time of the asphalt, and during this time you will need to avoid driving or even walking on your new asphalt. If you don’t, you could cause costly damage. The time it takes to cure is usually between two and four days, but it differs from project to project.

Not Leaving Enough Green Space

Sometimes it’s easier just to ask your paving contractors to pave the entire area in front of your home. This way, it will be easy to hose down and you’ll have plenty of space for parking, etc. Later down the line, you may regret not leaving more green space, as trees and foliage act as a sound barrier, create cleaner air, and add aesthetic appeal to your property.

Improper Maintenance

Paving doesn’t require a huge amount of maintenance, but you should fix any cracks as soon as they happen and ensure that there is proper drainage so your new driveway isn’t constantly full of puddles.

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