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Central Park Paving Services

Our paving company provides a wide range of residential and commercial paver services in the Durham Region. Whether you need help with repairs or new construction, you can count on Central Park Paving & Construction Ltd for the highest quality workmanship and materials.

We cater to the needs of private homeowners, industrial complex owners, new home builders, and property owners of all kinds. If you are looking for a Durham paving company with experience in the following services, contact us today for a competitive quote.


If you are a homeowner in the Durham Region whose to-do list includes driveway paving repairs or a new installation, Central Park Paving is here to help. Our experienced and thorough pavers will handle every aspect of your driveway installation from the removal of the existing driveway (if applicable) to grading and base strengthening, resulting in a driveway that’s durable.

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Are you a new home builder looking for a Durham paving company to construct a driveway or private roadway? Contact our experienced pavers at Central Park Paving & Construction Ltd for a competitive estimate today. We are dedicated to providing local Durham home builders with the best paving results as well as unparalleled customer service from start to finish.

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While parking lot paving is often low on the list of considerations for property owners, there are a number of important considerations that go into parking lot paving, including drainage, traffic flow, aesthetics, and budgetary constraints. Our experts can handle all aspects of your parking lot from surveying and obtaining permits to base preparation and finish work.

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We are the Durham Region’s most trusted heavy excavation and grading service provider because we understand that any paving job is only as good as the groundwork that’s underneath. The exceptional quality and durability of our paving work simply wouldn’t be possible without our emphasis on properly prepared surfaces for parking lots, roadways, and driveways.

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Functional roads are essential to any subdivision, municipality, or industrial complex. Whether you are responsible for hiring a roadwork company in the Durham Region for repairs or new road construction, you can count on our experts for attractive, durable, and functional roadwork. We will ensure that your roadway is designed for ideal traffic flow, water drainage, and aesthetics.

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