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Parking Lot Paving

Roadwork paving company

Are you looking for an experienced parking lot paving company to provide you with quality service in the Durham Region? Thanks to Central Park Paving’s more than four decades installing parking lots of all sizes, we possess the real-world experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and industrial grade materials necessary to provide you with an attractive and long-lasting parking lot.

While parking lot paving is often low on the list of considerations for property owners, there are a number of important considerations that go into parking lot paving, including drainage, traffic flow, aesthetics, and budgetary constraints.

An ugly, poorly installed parking lot can be a huge eyesore for an otherwise attractive commercial or industrial property, working to the detriment of both property values and the brand of the companies who reside there. Even when properly installed, badly planned parking lots can create confusing or even dangerous conditions for the drivers and pedestrians that use them.

Our experienced pavers are capable of handling all aspects of your parking lot from surveying and obtaining permits to excavation and grading, and then all the way to finish work such as concrete curbing and line painting. Additionally, our Durham paving company guarantees all projects for a full one to two years following completion.

Get a competitive quote for parking lot paving by calling us today. Our pavers offer a lot of value for the highest quality service.

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