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laneway paving in CanadaAs a professional paving services company, Central Park Paving & Construction LTD stays current with changes in the industry. This includes the increasingly popular service of laneway paving.
For anyone not already familiar with what this is, a laneway house is a form of housing that has become quite favourable. This is especially true for the Canadian West Coast region.
They’re built into pre-existing lots commonly in the backyard and opening into the back lane, hence the name. They’re often built in place of garages.

What You Should Know

First of all, there are some benefits to this type of housing. It provides a private entrance, no shared walls or floors, and no more waiting for elevators. However, you’ll have to arrange for private homeowner paving.

Here are a few things you should know about laneway paving:

  • Obviously, the whole point is that the back area connects to an existing lane. It’s vital you have professional paving to create a proper parking area or lot that connects smoothly to that lane.
  • Whether you’re going to live in your own laneway home or use it as a rental for additional income, you’ll still need an industry expert to take care of laneway paving. That’s because whoever is going to live there needs that private parking space.
  • If you’re planning on building this style of housing, you’ll have to make sure your property is suitable. You must have access to an open lane and be located on a corner that offers lane access.

Meet the Central Park Paving Team

If you’re going to have laneway paving done, it’s important to hire the right pros to get the job done. We’re a family-owned and operated company and we take care of both residential and commercial customers.

We work with each client to make sure we meet the unique specifications of your job while staying within your budget. Let us put our four-plus decades of industry expertise to work for you.

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