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Is it Time For My Driveway’s Asphalt Removal?

Quality asphalt paving from Central Park Paving, combined with regular maintenance, will put your asphalt in good condition for years to come. The type of traffic it is subjected to will also affect its longevity, as will weather extremes, so there will come a day when you need to decide whether it is time for asphalt removal and repaving.

Below are the main indicators to take note of.


If your asphalt is developing cracks that look like a dehydrated desert floor, then asphalt removal and repaving are most likely on the cards for your property.

Multi-directional cracking is generally caused by the failure of the substrate below the asphalt. This type of cracking can not be solved with filling and sealing because the damage is too wide-ranging.

This is where a professional team like ours can help!

Subsiding Pavement

If you see water pooling and standing on your paving as well as visually discernable sunken areas, then this is either an indication of aging, wear and tear on your asphalt, or a subsiding substrate. The latter can be from a burst pipe underground, a redirected stream, or just simply the ground changing its structure.

If divots or dents are made in the paving by heavy loads sitting on the driveway (or parking lot), then the vehicle is over your weight limit. Most driveways are not designed to carry the weight of full dumpsters nor their trucks, stacks of pallets of bricks, pavers or terracotta roof tiles, etc.

Overspec heavy loads standing for long periods on your paving can cause long-term complications and damage.

Cracks and Potholes

If there are only a few linear asphalt cracks and a couple of minor potholes, you can have these repaired, followed by resealing the whole driveway. This is the type of maintenance behaviour that will add to the overall life of your paved space.

However, if there are more cracks and potholes than intact asphalt, it could be a failing substrate, long-term lack of maintenance, or the end of the lifespan of the asphalt. At this point, asphalt removal and replacement will probably be required.

Pooling Water

For water to pool requires a dip in your paving, but it can also pool if the original grading and drainage angle are not correct. Whether it’s an incorrect angle or pooling in cracks and potholes, standing water is a no-no for asphalt. In addition, water continually seeping through cracks will start to erode the substrate below, which could result in subsiding.

As mentioned above, if an overly heavy vehicle has been on site, this could cause an indent which will result in pooling. It will need to be repaired in that section.

If you are not sure whether you have a repair or replacement on your hands, give our team a call and we will make sure you get the best advice, every time!

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