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How To Know When Your Commercial Parking Lot Needs Repaving

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Not every parking lot needs to be completely repaved. A paving company can often repair problems like potholes, impact damage, and cracks. The key is, make sure you get the repairs you need before they turn into a parking lot repaving project.

If the asphalt of your parking lot is showing signs of problems, it’s best to ask a paving company to assess whether it’s necessary to repave or if the asphalt can be repaired. Here are a few things that could mean it’s time for repaving.

Rippled Surface

Rippled pavement is sometimes called wash-boarding or shoving. This is a sign that there is severe horizontal stress, usually located at street intersections. Asphalt that is too soft or has a weak granular base can cause ripples. Too much asphalt, rounded aggregate or fine aggregate can cause ripples as well.

Several Potholes

One pothole is not a sign that the road needs to be replaced. A little roadwork on the localized disintegration problem is all that’s necessary. However, if potholes keep forming, it’s a sign that there is continued deterioration of another type of distress, possibly caused by incorrect material mixtures during installation. There could be weak spots in the base or subgrade materials that accelerate the pothole problem.

A 20 Year Old Parking Lot

If your parking lot has aged to the 20 year mark, it very likely needs to be repaved. Ask a local paving company to examine the condition first.

Large Sunken In Spots

Depressions in an asphalt road, or soft spots, can be caused by a failure in the lower pavement layer, most often caused by bad construction techniques by inexperienced road pavers. They can sometimes be caused by settlement of the materials.

Asphalt Bubbling

Asphalt bubbling is caused by moisture seeping in between the coating material and the pavement. They are most often caused by contamination of the base materials during road construction.

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