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How To Find A Reliable Paving Company

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The top layer of a newly paved driveway, parking lot, or road looks beautiful, but the problem is that you never know what lies underneath or how well the paving work was done until much later. While finding a good paving company can be a little daunting, it is very well worth the research.

Your new asphalt or concrete surface will only be as good as the skill of the paving company who constructed it. Take some time to find a reliable paving company and focus on these important aspects of the search.

Make sure they can handle the size of your job

You may have found a reliable paving company, sure, but can they handle the size of your job? Not all pavers have the equipment and number of crew members to successfully complete large projects. You don’t want a parking lot paving contractor to take shortcuts on your project or take months to finish the job, so make sure they have done projects like yours before.

Ask if they handle permitting

Zoning laws vary between counties and cities, so it’s important that your paving company knows the local requirements because it’s almost certain that you don’t. Find a paver who files the required permits for you and make sure they are local.

Ask to see their past projects and get references

If you are having a driveway paved for a new or existing home, you want to find a reputable paving company. Ask them to see their past driveway paving projects and don’t hesitate to ask for customer references. Check out their review and reputation with the BBB.

Find a paving company who provides a warranty

You want to know that your paving project is warranted on both workmanship and materials. Protect yourself by finding a paving company who provides a warranty for your project. Be sure to read the warranty details on your contract before you sign it.

Paving experience matters

You may not know how many details are involved in paving a street, parking lot, or driveway. Don’t hire a paving company who doesn’t have experience or a simple mistake like mixing the materials wrong could cost you tons of money to fix.

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