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5 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Paving Company

When searching for reputable and reliable contractors to work in and around your home, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Residential paving companies are no exception. There is more to your hiring decision than the cheapest quote or fastest service. For those with limited knowledge of paving or driving installation projects, you may be unsure about what to look out for.

This helpful article can guide you in asking relevant and vital questions to assist you in making an informed final decision.

What is Your Experience in This Field? 

Word-of-mouth marketing is usually how most of us find specific service providers. However, it is recommended to look into contractors in more detail when it comes to projects of this enormity, such as residential paving. Ask about experience in the field, their specialty, how long they have operated in the area, etc.

This can provide you with sufficient information to evaluate different companies.

Is Your Company Licenced? 

Business licenses are more than a mere formality. They are essential to companies operating in a specific town or city. This ensures that contractors work in accordance with local governmental regulations as well as meet the safety standards required in the industry.

Without this, you are at risk of hiring unqualified or shoddy service providers. It may save you on costs but can void home insurance in case of poor workmanship or damage to your property.

Do You Have Insurance Coverage? 

If a company cannot provide insurance details to you during the hiring process, it is advisable to consider another provider. This can be indicative of companies who do not have the required business licenses or are cutting costs on their end.

Damages and accidents can happen, and without insurance on their part, your project can likely be stalled or pushed back further than agreed too.

What is Your Estimated Timeline for Completion? 

Project delays do occur, and there is no way to hold a company to its forecasted timelines during the work. However, this can give you more insight into how they work and what pace to expect, with realistic exceptions for any schedule lags.

What are Some of the Recent Projects You Have Worked On?

Lastly, it is important to ask to see previous work. This can highlight the quality of their work if they can complete your paving to the same standard. Contractors who are willing to share this information are likely the better choice as they are being openly transparent and honest with potential clients even if they do not secure the job.

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