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5 Things That Can Ruin Your New Driveway by Central Park Paving

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Whether you just purchased a new home or you had a driveway constructed for the first time, it’s important to know what can ruin the structure. Your driveway needs to last for as long as you own your home and you don’t want to deal with constant repairs or reconstruction, at least not for some time.

Your driveway may seem unimportant, that it’s going to last forever, but this is simply not the case for some. A lot of things can ruin the surface, causing early damage that you have to deal with.

Bad Driveway Construction

Your new driveway may look pristine and pretty now, but how well was it constructed? You probably have no idea until the structure presents problems. Be sure you research your driveway contractor before hiring them. Here are some signs that your driveway wasn’t built properly.

  • Asphalt or concrete crumbling along the edges or anywhere else
  • Rainwater does not drain off the driveway completely
  • Buckling or cracking
  • Water seeping up from underneath during wet weather

Tree Roots

If there are trees growing within ten to fifteen feet of your driveway, the roots can lift sections of the structure up as the tree searches for water. Some trees have extensive root systems, so make sure these are not planted near the driveway.

Using Rock Salt

It’s tempting to get rid of ice and snow with rock salt, but don’t use it on your driveway if you expect it to last. The process corrodes the surface, and once that’s damaged, the entire structure will start to crumble. This may take some years, but it will happen.

Using Metal Shovels

Equally, using metal shovels on the driveway will cause damage that you may not notice for years. Instead, use a plastic snow shovel and use caution while using it on your driveway.

Heavy Equipment & Trucks

Your driveway isn’t as sturdy as a commercial roadway, so be careful about driving heavy equipment or moving trucks on it. These vehicles weigh tons and will eventually cause damage if they are constantly parked on top or driving over the driveway.

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